Rendering JSON in Grails: Part 3 Customise your JSON with Object Marshallers

So far I’ve shown how to produce JSON from simple collections and how to convert domain objects to JSON, in this final post in my three-part look at rendering JSON from Grails controllers, we’ll take a look at customising the way objects are rendered by the JSON converter. Continue reading


Rendering JSON In Grails. Part 1: Collections, Testing and the JSONBuilder

One of the many useful features Grails provides is the ability to quickly render data as JSON so it’s possible to interface with the many AJAX libraries available with a minimum of coding fuss, or provide an API to 3rd parties with very little effort. Having implemented such behaviour I’ve found that a little more than the basic understanding is helpful for success in real applications, so over the next 3 posts I will attempt to convey the simplicity and power of this feature while also giving some practical tips. Continue reading